Our Approach

The AIS approach

Advanced Insurance Service (AIS), Agency Inc. is a nationally recognized, fully licensed insurance company. We have offices all over the US.

We’ve been in the insurance business for over ten years. During that time we’ve earned a reputation for delivering affordable insurance coverage and superior customer support.We’re dedicated to making the coverage process as easy as possible. Our representatives are always available to answer any questions you may have.


Our Approach

Our multi-phase approach allows us to develop, implement and administrate the healthcare benefits plan that best achieves your goals:

  • Analysis: We begin the process by analyzing and evaluating your current insurance benefits, resources and budget projections, as well as any unique services your benefits plan may require.
  • Presentation: We then present you with quotes from multiple insurance providers, discussing alternatives and helping you choose a package that delivers the most cost effective healthcare solutions. Being an independent insurance company means we can get you the best deals on the best plans.
  • Support: We provide complete support when it comes to the planning, implementation and funding of the selected insurance plan(s). This includes enrollment management, providing notification, coverage information and education to your employees, as well as underwriting coordination and procurement of the group number.
  • Law: We ensure that your benefits program is up to date and in compliance with all state and federal laws.
  • Customer Care: We’re here to provide expert customer care and support services today and tomorrow. We’re up to date on all the changes that take place in the dynamic US healthcare insurance marketplace. We maintain close working relationships with our customers so that we may quickly and efficiently respond to any problem or needs that may arise. We’ll be able to deliver the necessary solutions to keep your healthcare benefits plan running as smoothly as possible.
  • Renewals: As the end of the policy year and renewal time approaches, we’ll help you objectively evaluate the performance of your plan and then implement the appropriate benefit changes if needed. We’ll make sure that you’re always getting the best healthcare coverage available.

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